Cool Stuff For Sale



TEXACO sign- This is a 6 foot diameter sign in good condition. It comes with it's original 20 foot high sign post. This would look great. $3,000. Click here

Oak Drawers- Here are two oak drawer units, each one has two drawers and they are stackable. Very good condition. $150.  Click here

Oak Storage Divider Cabinet- This is a unique cabinet with lots of small spaces for things.  Click here

Raleigh's Men's bicycle from early 70's- The bike is in good condition. It has rods that operate the brakes.  The detailing and craftsmenship is very good. $450.  Click here

Raleigh Men's bicycle from the early 40's- This bike was purchased by the former owner in the early 70's when he attended Exeter Academy and then he rode it when he went to school in Canbridge.  It still has the Cambridge license on it.  The bike is in good condition.  It is an unusual bike. It has a 3 speed rear hub and 5 speed rear derailer. $1200.  Click here

Venetian blind cutter-  It works well. $200.  Click here

Glass Cutter- This is a glass cutter that would be hung on a wall.  It is in good condition and works well. $300.  Click here