Richard Duda's

Ride of a Lifetime

Sept 5-21 2014

    A heartfelt Thanks and Appreciation to everyone who has contributed towards my ride.  Everyone's enthusiasm is amazing.  It takes a great deal of work and a variety of resources to accomplish a ride like this.  Many people have contributed either money, services, or supplies and I want to be sure to acknowledge your support.



 Sponsors who contributed $1,000 plus



Kennebunk Web Design  (little Jonnie Krueger)



 Sponsors who contributed $500-1000


Vintage Garage, Stowe,

Heidenau Tires-


 Sponsors who contributed $200-500


Carlen Finn & Vince Feeny- great friends and traveling buddies

Pat Garrett Photography-

Scott Krueger-


"50 Weight Oil" sponsors

 Sponsors who contributed $50-200


Bryant Tharp

Mark Zeuner

Eastern Industrial Automation-


"KICKSTART" sponsors

 Sponsors who purchased one of my tshirts.  This is Grass Roots at it's finest!

Carole Krueger

Alan Lyons

Christian Farmer

Glenn Lynch

Gary Ruhwedel

Ian Parker

William Denny

Preston Dreyer

Tim Roeber

Clarissa Jahn

Kevin Allen

Howard Kelly

Stephen LaBar

Herbert Brennan

Keith Rose

Darren Young

Ilya Bergsma

Gene Pratt

Peter Cooke

Manson Mattocks

Tommy Edwards

Gary Gagne

Bill Bradley

Dale Jones

Marc Adam

Ryan Jensen

Bill Herold

Michael A. Cosper

David Parker

Heidi Garren

Joaquin Negron

Patrick Monaghan

John Williamson

Peter Roy

Oyvind Lie

Amie McGoon

Ron Pryor

Dawna Gallant

Ray Adams

Daniel Bushey

Daniel Johnson

Mikelle Mandeville

Joe Damato

James DeJean

Brian Fisk

Theodore Sanchez

Kenneth Desbarbieux

Bradley Reed

Lynette Parish

Stephanie Deer

Terrance Horvath

Kim Lied

Suzanne Streatfield

Nancy Walker